Crazy Time Game Rules and Tips

Crazy Time is a live dealer game developed by Evolution, which uses well-known wheel spin to carry out the gameplay. There are plenty of wheel sectors with unique rewards, while some special prizes reach an x50,000 multiplier.

Additionally, professional live dealers make your gameplay engaging and brighten it up with their entertaining talks.

Due to that, live Crazy Time has got the reputation of being an exciting game that is hard to get bored of and easy to win at. 

Get ready to dive deeper into the gameplay mechanics. You will learn the game bonus types and what prizes they entail, and we will teach you how to start your own Crazy Time playthrough.

The Rules of the Crazy Time

Crazy Time live game’s main element is a wheel divided into 54 sections numbered 1, 2, 5, and 10. The wheel also features four unique bonus games that we will break down later.

Crazy Time Live Stream Screenshot

To start playing, you need to bet on one of the sections. Number 1 appears in 21 sections. There are 13 sections for number 2, 7 for number 5, and only four for number 10. The rest of the sections are divided between mini-games: Pachinko (2 sections) Coin Flip (4 sections), Cash Hunt (2 sessions), and Crazy Time with only one section.

Each betting option has different payouts. For instance, number 1 appears in 21 sections and pays out 1:1. The rarest section, Crazy Time, has the highest payout. 

Crazy Time Bets

Overall, bets and probabilities in the game are as follows:

Pachinko2Up to 10,000x3.70%94.33%
Cash Hunt2Up to 25,000x3.70%95.27%
Coin Flip4Up to 5,000x7.40%95.70%
Crazy Time1Up to 20,000x1.85%94.41%

That is pretty much all to know about the main game, and now, let’s take a look at four bonus games in casino Crazy Time.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip Bonus Game

Let’s start off with the most simple bonus you can get – Coin Flip. When it drops, the game’s stage changes, and you will see an interface – a coin with a blue and red side. The coin’s representation will also appear digitally on your device screen.

The coin flips automatically and depending on which side it lands on, you will be granted an additional multiplier. There are no predefined multipliers, and they are chosen randomly before the bonus game. 

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

When you get the Cash Hunt bonus, the game takes you to a new screen with 108 random multipliers hiding behind symbols. You need to aim a cannon at the symbols you think might hide the highest multipliers.

Every player that has wagered on the Cash Hunt bonus game during the same Crazy Time live stream as you also chooses where to aim, and everybody gets different bonuses. 

So when the timer is out, and you’ve adjusted your aim, the multipliers will be revealed and applied to your bet.


Pachinko Bonus Game

In the Pachinko bonus game, you have a large wall with pegs, 16 drop zones, and 16 prize zones at the bottom. At the start of the round, the presenter drops a puck into the wall.

Next, there are a few options: a puck lands on a multiplier, you get it, and the game ends, or the puck lands on the “Double” section and doubles each multiplier on the field. Once the multipliers are doubled, the round starts over again.

The game continues until the puck falls on a multiplier. The maximum boost you can get in Pachinko is x10,000.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time Bonus Game

And finally, the rarest bonus game is Crazy Time, which comes with impressive wins. When the wheel stops on the Crazy Time section, you will be transferred to a new room with a wheel filled with 64 randomly generated multipliers.

You will see green, blue, and yellow arrows to choose from. When the wheel is spun, arrows can point whether at a multiplier or the “Double” section, which doubles all present multipliers at the wheel until they reach x20,000. 

How to Play Crazy Time 

To play the Crazy Time live casino game, you need to go through a couple of basic steps:

  1. First, find a Crazy Time casino with good gambling conditions. Then, check what are the available payment methods and ensure that the casino has a license.
  2. Create an account and verify it.
  3. Go to the cashier page, choose a deposit option, and type in how much you want to cash in.
  4. Open the casino live Crazy Time game and place one of the eight bets we’ve mentioned previously. Select it amount and get ready to win.
Crazy Time Wheel

Keep in mind that Crazy Time is a live game. That’s why, unlike many other games, it can’t offer you a demo mode to check the game out. But to simply watch a round of Crazy Time, login isn’t required.

The Benefits of Playing Crazy Time

Even though Crazy Time has some alternatives, none is even close in terms of winning possibilities. That’s why it’s often considered a perfect game if you are looking for big wins.

With four different bonus games, you will often find yourself winning extra funds if you bet on bonus games.

But if your budget doesn’t allow you to risk your funds for the chance of getting a significant win, regular bets on numbers offer another type of gameplay.

Those are the safe options that fit any budget. But those who only bet on numbers don’t participate in bonus games.

Crazy Time Gameplay

Another great benefit of the live casino Crazy Time game is the presenter, whose task is not only to spin the wheel and conduct bonus games but also to entertain players. They guarantee you won’t get bored.

And finally, the reason why so many people watch Crazy Time live streams is simplicity. The game just doesn’t have any complex mechanics.

And even when you get into the bonus games where the process gains a little complexity, you just need to choose the color of the arrow, point an aim, etc.


How does Crazy Time work?

The Crazy Time money wheel has 54 segments that include the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, as well as four separate bonus rounds with multipliers.

Each round, you must wager on where you believe the wheel will stop. You’ll have 13 seconds to place your bets before the action begins. The game’s presenter activates the wheel by pressing a large red button. When the wheel stops spinning, the player either wins or loses their bets.

When is the best time to play Crazy Time?

Based on statistics, multipliers bring the best winnings in Crazy Time. But to collect them, you need to hit the bonus round. Experienced players note that the wheel lands on Bonus Round sections approximately once in 10 rounds.

So, just follow the game, look through the history of previous results and winning amounts, and wait for the right moment to place a bet.

How to win Crazy Time?

To win Crazy Time, put a winning bet on one of the eight available sections on the wheel and have the wheel land on your bet spot after it has spun.

If you successfully put a wager on any of the four Bonus Game squares, you will be eligible to play the bonus game once it is unlocked.

Where can I play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a well-known live dealer game developed by Evolution Gaming. It is present in almost all licensed online casinos worldwide, including You will easily find the game on gambling platforms that cooperate with the software vendor.

Simply visit the casino website, open their gaming collection, and search for Crazy Time.