Crazy Time Strategy

Releasing Crazy Time, Evolution Gaming has made one of the most entertaining games in the industry. That is why attracting players and creating a community around it was a question of time.

But how many Crazy Time players approach the game with strategy rather than just betting their money trying to hit a random bonus game?

Get an edge over other gamblers with the most popular and effective Crazy Time strategy tips. Get ready to take notes. 

Three Primary Crazy Time Strategy

Experienced Crazy Time players with hundreds of play styles in their arsenal have developed three main playing strategies.

Each of them is very different and fits various conditions, but when you familiarize yourself with them, you will know when it is better to apply one or another.

So the most popular strategies are below.

Low-Risk Strategy: Bet on 1-2-5-10

Crazy Time Low-Risk Strategy Screenshot

The core of this Crazy Time betting strategy with low risk is to play around with numbers. The thing is, 45 out of 54 field sections are all number bets. The chance of getting them is the highest since they cover 83.33% of the wheel.

So what this strategy wants you to do is to divide your bet into four and wager each part on numbers 1-2-5-10. But don’t share the bet equally.

Knowing that number bets have various odds, you need to bet the most on the number 1, which drops most often but has a low multiplier.

So, for example, when betting $10 on 1, this Crazy Time game strategy implies that you wager twice less on all other numbers: $5. 

If 1 or 2 drops, you will only lose $15, 5 will give your original bet back, and 10 will double the amount you wagered. 

High-Risk Strategy: Stalk the Bonuses

Crazy Time High-Risk Strategy Screenshot

Even though the first Crazy Time bet strategy is relatively risk-free and potentially profitable, many players avoid it. Why? Because 90% of the players enter the game to enjoy its juicy bonuses. And the next strategy gives it to them.

With a high-risk strategy, you need to do something similar to what you did with 1-2-5-10 when you have parted your bet into four. But with this Crazy Time Evolution Gaming strategy, you are placing four separate bets on four corresponding bonuses per round.

Even though the wheel coverage with this approach is just 16.60%, the losses are quickly compensated with huge volatility (never forget that Crazy Times gives chances to get an x20,000 multiplier).

Like in the low-risk strategy, you will need to place the biggest bet on the Cash Hunt bonus, which has the highest chance of dropping yet the lowest potential payout. Correspondingly, other wagers should be twice lower than Cash Hunt.

Be aware that this isn’t Crazy Time’s best strategy if you don’t have a substantial budget. But if you don’t, you can quickly burn your budget and never reach the part where you win your money back. 

Ultra-High-Risk: Find a Crazy Time

Crazy Time Ultra-High-Risk Strategy Screenshot

Are you looking for the best Crazy Time strategy for playing big? Then check out the ultra-high-risk strategy that supposes you to make a straightforward thing: bet on a Crazy Time bonus game each round. 

So, knowing that you are not going to do anything else rather than bet on Crazy Time, you need to enable autoplay. Go to autoplay settings, adjust the desired bet, and select the number of wagers to be made.

Remember that the Crazy Time bonus has one section on the field, covering just 1.85%, so the chances of winning are meager. Be aware that you should carefully manage your budget not to run out of funds too quickly. 

Once everything is set up, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle. But don’t forget that once this Crazy Time winning strategy finally gets you into the bonus game, you will need to choose the color of the arrow, which also implies some strategic thinking.

General Crazy Time Strategy

It’s up to you to decide which is the best Crazy Time betting strategy. But before you select one, there are a couple more tricks suitable for most table games that you can try.

They are always based on some mathematical calculation:

  1. Martingale. According to this betting strategy, you need to choose a single bet amount and change it depending on the round’s outcome. If you lose, you need to double up your bet until you win, and once that happens, go back to the initial wager. Theoretically, if you have a big enough budget, the Martingale system will help compensate for the losses and get you back on track. But to apply this approach, you only need to bet on number 1.
  2. Reverse Martingale. On the opposite of the standard Martingale system, there is a reverse one. With this Crazy Time winning strategy, you need to increase your bet by one each time you win. And in case you lose, you return to the original bet. That way, you will be able to play much more risk-free, as your bet amount will grow gradually, and you don’t have to risk even more funds when losing.

Those are two basic betting strategies you can use in your gameplay. Which one of them is the best strategy for Crazy Time? Well, it is up to you to find out through time. Try using both these strategies in different situations, and you will find when is the best time for them.

Crazy Time Tips and Tricks

When it comes to tips and tricks to apply to your gameplay, there are a couple worth mentioning. The first and most important one is to never approach the game without a strategy for Crazy Time.

With all that info you’ve got from this guide, it will be much easier for you to test out playing tactics. Importantly, do not stick with just one strategy for a long time: test out all of them to determine when their usage is optimal. 

Cash Hunt Live Stream Screenshot

To get the most consistent gameplay, define the budget for each of your sessions. It will help prolong your gameplay and spread your funds across more playing days.

Also, it helps to stay cold-headed when you feel the urge to make a big bet: you know that if you lose it, your playing is over for today.

And finally, don’t forget about all the functions the game has to offer.

For example, many gamblers forget about the autoplay option, which is a slick way to win funds without even touching your mouse or touchscreen.