Crazy Time Stats & Results

Live game shows are one of the most exciting and engaging game types at online casinos.

Of course, there are plenty of those shows presented online, but one has always had the most attention: Crazy Time. This is a unique game with four various bonus rounds offering crazy jackpots. 

Many players believe that Crazy Time results are rigged and work according to some algorithm. With the spreading of this controversial statement, more and more Crazy Time gamblers have started tracking Crazy Time live stats.

Let’s clarify the principle of Crazy Time outcomes: you will find what stat trackers do and learn whether they are even worth using.

Stat Tracker and Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a relatively simple game that features one main mechanic: the wheel spin. Thus, there are 54 segments on the wheel, and each time it is spun, only one segment is chosen.

To give a brief understanding of what to expect from the game, Evolution Gaming (the developer of Crazy Time) has implemented a feature showing the results of 21 previous spins.

But players often find it insufficient to know just that piece of the Crazy Time score.

Crazy Time Statistics

Why Do Gamblers Learn Crazy Time Stats?

There is a popular belief among the gambling community that if there was no big win recently, it will come very soon.

And if you are the one whose mind has adopted that belief, you will probably find an idea to track casino Crazy Time stats more than useful.

For example, gamblers use the Crazy Time tracker to see how recent the drop of a certain bonus game was, let’s say, Coin Flip.

So if they see that Coin Flip has four segments on the field and 7.4% to drop, that means that at least once every thirteen spins, the wheel should stop on the Coin Flip. 

Do Trackers Bring Profit?

So, is there any additional profit for the gambler that has discovered the last Crazy Time result? In the example above, there is undoubtedly a mathematical foundation under it.

But if you are willing to use math to analyze the Crazy Time tracker, you should profoundly know how it works.

The concept of probability doesn’t say that the chance of every thirteen spin carrying you to the Coin Flip bonus game is not 100%.

The concept of probability works in perfect conditions where there are not even hundreds of spins made but rather thousands.

Some of you might say that Crazy Time uses a special algorithm that stops the wheel on the segment that we haven’t seen recently.

But in practice, the only thing that influences Crazy Time’s history and future spins is the force that the dealer puts in the spin.

Should You Use Crazy Time Trackers?

So as you can see, there is almost no practical use for the Crazy Time tracker. On the contrary, it can often lead you to failures in your gambling.

Let’s imagine the situation: you have convinced yourself that the concept of probability works in Crazy Time and that using a tracker can bring you profit.

Under these beliefs, you will rapidly increase your bet sizes in accordance with Crazy Time live history, knowing that you should get a specific bonus game soon.

As a result, you will start pouring money into the game too quickly, but the chance that you will see a desired bonus remains the same.

Instead, you could simply divide your budget into small numbers and bet on the desired bonus each round. Even though most will consider that strategy without a Crazy Time live tracker silly, it still makes more sense considering how the spins work.

What Are Crazy Time Trackers?

Crazy Time Statistics Trackers

To better understand how it is to track today Crazy Time results, let’s look at the table above. As you can see, this works within 24 hours and shows a Crazy Time result today.

The table gives us info on how correct the chances stated by the developer are and how often we can hit specific bonus types and numbers.

But it is just one of many tools used to track Crazy Time. There are also different tools used to keep an eye on:

  • Crazy Time big win today history;
  • The amount of maximum consecutive spins without any result;
  • An entire Crazy Time spin history during the given time;
  • Average win per round, etc.

Knowing how many Crazy Time status trackers are now, many gamblers think they are made for profit and misuse them. But don’t think that there is no use for them at all.

How to Use Crazy Time Trackers?

When an inexperienced gambler enters a new casino game, he is hungry for data about it. While many unpopular games make it no other way than just invest money in them and play on your own, Crazy Time has an alternative.

After checking the Crazy Time bonus today, the player can easily get a general image of how often he will win when betting on bonuses. Or he can just check out overall Crazy Time today stats to get even more information.

Based on the data the player gets, they can define their budget for each playing section or even a possible bet amount.

In other words, trackers make it possible to get more of a mindful and consistent game approach. 

Also, Crazy Time live score tracker contributes to the game’s strategies. Thus, once the player has done their math and wants to check whether their strategy is working, they do not need to launch the game.

Instead, they can just go into the tracker and get all the info instantly.

What Can You Use to Improve Your Crazy Time Results?

Instead of checking Crazy Time history today or getting familiar with Crazy Time big win today, there are some more effective techniques to bring you new victories.

We talk about strategies here. Those are the game approaches devised by experienced gamblers.

All good Crazy Time strategies always have some mathematical formula in the foundation.

Two of the most basic strategies to use in Crazy Time are to:

  1. Make four equal bets spread across numbers, putting a double amount on 1;
  2. Make four equal bets on bonuses and put a double amount on the Coin Flip.

Experiment with those, find when each works the best, and your results will go higher without any Crazy Time stats trackers. And if you want to go deeper into that topic, you can always surf the net to find more strategies to play around with.